Andover Historical Museum


The Andover Historical Society Museum was built in 1861 by Eric Berglof as a private residence for the August Rehnstrom family. It also served as a temporary haven for Swedish immigrants in the early settlement of Andover. After purchasing the building in 1967, the historical society members worked night and day to ready the building for its formal opening in 1968.

There are five furnished rooms and a hall on the upper floor. The ground floor has four rooms, a small old-fashioned pantry and a hall with an open staircase. With the exception of the display room, the house is furnished with items from the 1860's. You can see pictures and paintings by folk artist Helen Brodd of Andover’s Steam Mill and old Tavern, which was built in 1879; the first two-story school, built in 1858; the old jailhouse; and the Andover Orphanage and Children’s Home, to name a few. There is is a summer kitchen on the back lawn. The Historical Museum is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. It is located on Locust St., across the street from the west side of the Andover Lake Park, and is open during Andover’s Festival the first weekend in June, and for group tours by calling: 309 476-8228, 309 845-0168, or 309 521-8659.

Listing Details

418 Locust Street, Andover, Illinois, 61233
Open the 1st week of June and by Appointment