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Biggsville-The Horse & Buggy Museum

210 E. Main Street, Biggsville, IL, 61418

The Horse & Buggy Museum represents 100 years of history and is located 30 minutes west of Galesburg on Highway 34.  The museum offers exhibits and programs from the period of 1820-1920 when horses were the main source of power for farming and tr ...

Bishop Hill, Illinois

201 Main St., Bishob Hill, IL, 61419

In 1846, a group of Swedish immigrants seeking religious freedom left their native land under the guidance of their charismatic spiritual leader, Erik Jansson. The site for their new utopia, later called Bishop Hill, was described to them as a “land of pl ...

Knoxville, Illinois

201 E. Main St., Knoxville, IL, 61448

The citizens of Knoxville are proud of their heritage and have preserved their past while preparing the community for the 21st Century. The historical downtown area with buildings and homes from the 1800's co-exist with modern subdivisions and businesses. ...

Nauvoo, Illinois

1211 Mulholland St, Nauvoo, IL, 62354

In 1839, early members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—called “Mormons”—established this place of peace and beauty on a great bend in the Mississippi. Today, Nauvoo is one of America’s premier historic communities. Visitors can explore ...