• Great Balloon Race
    Our Annual Great Balloon Race in July
  • National Stearman Fly-in Days
    National Stearman Fly-in Days in September
  •  Lake Storey Recreational Area
    The beautiful Lake Storey Recreational Area.
  • Railroad Days
    Our Annual Railroad Days in June
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Next stop - Galesburg, Illinois.

A visit to Galesburg is a celebration of a time when the pace was a little more leisurely – when half the reason for going somewhere was in the getting there. A visit to Galesburg is like a reawakened memory – familiar and comfortable yet with surprises both welcome and rewarding.

Your visit to Galesburg, experience the best sort of Americana – that which excites the imagination with visions of a once and future nation and inspires with the promise that our best days are all ahead of us. Click here to view our online Visitors Guide.


Upcoming Annual Events